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Did you know that the Great Lakes are the biggest freshwater source in the world? Lake Erie is the most productive for fishing of all the Great Lakes. Your support helps make our streams clean, clear and healthy so they can support this complex ecosystem. By donating to PCS, you help us reach our goals of restoring rivers that lead to Lake Erie beaches that promote fishable and swimmable conditions for generations.

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March 2022

Walleye anglers brave the cold Maumee River waters.The Walleye Run is coming soon! This sign of spring brings thousands of people to Northwest Ohio to fish our beautiful Maumee River. Adopting a fishing line recycling bin or using one while your fishing lets you play an important part in keeping our waterways free of marine debris. 

If you’re an angler yourself, it’s easy to use fishing line recycling bins. Check our interactive map for the closest bin to your favorite fishing spot. While you fish, store your broken or excess line in a bag, bucket, waders, or one of our “Stow It – Don’t Throw It” containers. Once you’re ready to head home, stop by the recycling bin you located and simply deposit your line inside. The bin’s host will periodically clean out the line and make sure it’s recycled.

Not an angler, but still want to help out the Maumee River? Consider volunteering to adopt a bin. You’ll be responsible for collecting fishing line from your chosen bin and logging how much line you remove. You also have the option to sponsor a bin by emailing your completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can make a gift via PayPal (preferred) or check mailed to our P.O. Box.

A smiling volunteer sorts recycling at the 2019 Glass City Marathon.Whether or not you run like our rivers, we need your help to divert marine debris at the Glass City Marathon. Volunteer slots are now open April 23-24 for individuals and groups. Enjoy the fun of race weekend on the “Green Team,” where the winner is always the Ottawa River.

Many Green Team volunteer slots are in the mornings; early birds, this is your time to shine! Check out Green Team opportunities on the Glass City Marathon volunteer page.  Register by March 31 for a free t-shirt! If none of these volunteer slots work for you or your group but you’d still like to help out, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know you’re interested!

2022 is the seventh year running for our Green Team coordination. We’re proud to partner again with Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful on this effort. Most of PCS and KTLCB’s work is behind-the-scenes, leading up to the fast-paced weekend. Alongside runners, volunteers work hard to divert marine debris from the Ottawa River. In past years, over the course of a single race weekend, the Green Team often recycles around 3,000 pounds of cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic, heat sheets, energy packs, and more!

If you are running in the Savage 5k or the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, or you want to support a runner in your life, please consider donating to support PCS as a charity partner. We’re proud to support healthy runners and healthy rivers.

Social media handles for Partners for Clean Streams. Follow us @PCSMaumee Twitter and Instagram, and on Facebook as Partners for Clean Streams.Have you spotted our “Save Water While Saving Money” series on social media? Remember to follow us on social media to learn small steps you can take to improve our waterways, plus receive regular updates on our programs. Read More for our tips so far to get caught up.

If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are, you’re not the type to deliberately leave your trash on the ground. However, we’ve found that many of our supporters want to go beyond the minimum and find ways to incorporate pro-water actions into their everyday lives. Small changes can have big impacts on reducing marine debris we might inadvertently create. Even better, caring about our water doesn’t have to cost us. In fact, it can often save us money!

Here's our tips series so far:

Tip #1 – Insulate your hot water pipes. This will reduce the amount of time you run your tap before getting hot water. You can catch the colder water that comes out first in a glass or jug to use for plants or pets.

Tip #2 - After snow removal, if you salt, leaving 3 inches of space between granules will help not only de-ice your sidewalk but will also help protect our waterways and your wallet! Using a spreader can help with this kind of consistent spreading.

Tip #3 - Only run full loads of laundry. Not only will you reduce water consumption, you'll save electricity. Wait to wash fleeces until they're dirty, and consider using a laundry ball to catch shed plastic microfibers from our fuzzy fabrics.

Find our series on social media and share some of your favorite tips to save water while saving money with us!

A fishing line recycling bin installed at Fort Miamis in Maumee, Ohio.Our fishing line recycling bin program only works with the generous help of organizations who host bins on their properties and clean out the line. Learn more about our public and private recycling bin host partners, and discover some bin locations in unexpected places around Northwest Ohio.

PCS has fishing line recycling bins as far east as Port Clinton and as far west as Oak Openings Metropark. Across the region, more than 35 bins are currently in-use, with more in the works for installation in 2022.

Bins can be found in park districts, cities, and other municipalities. Metroparks Toledo hosts 18 bins, more than any other organization. Since so much of our region’s recreational waterways are found winding through or near Metroparks, PCS is especially thankful for their continued partnership on this program. Elsewhere, the City of Toledo hosts bins on both the east and west sides of the river. Up in Sylvania, Olander Parks maintains several fishing line recycling bins for young anglers getting their start at Olander Lake. Down in Wood County, the City of Perrysburg hosts several bins in parks like Orleans and Three Meadows. The Wood County Park District has a similar mix of Maumee River bins and bins on other properties like W.W. Knight Preserve.

PCS is also grateful for our private bin hosts: businesses and property owners who chose to support wildlife habitat and sustainable recreation. Did you know you can find a fishing line recycling bin inside Rossford’s Bass Pro Shops? Looking north of the Maumee River, Maumee Tackle Fishing Outfitters also has a spot to drop off fishing line to be recycled or if your line is being re-strung, ask the outfitters to make sure it’s recycled.

Partners for Clean Streams Inc. is striving for abundant open space and a high quality natural environment; adequate floodwater storage capacities and flourishing wildlife; stakeholders who take local ownership in their resources; and rivers, streams and lakes that are clean, clear and safe