Did you know that the Great Lakes are the biggest freshwater source in the world? Lake Erie is the most productive for fishing of all the Great Lakes. Your support helps make our streams clean, clear and healthy so they can support this complex ecosystem. By donating to PCS, you help us reach our goals of restoring rivers that lead to Lake Erie beaches that promote fishable and swimmable conditions for generations.

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Registration for the 22nd Annual Clean Your Streams is officially open! Please click here if you are interested in participating in this event. We welcome individuals, business groups, organizations, students, and anyone else to come be a part of our biggest clean up! There are 7 kick off sites to choose from this year. Remember, if you are registering for a group of 10+, you must select a site captain for your group. We need help to keep this event running safely and smoothly. If you are unable to make it this year, please consider donating so we can keep this program going for years to come!

Registration will be open until September 14th, so sign up now!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help Partners for Clean Streams make our waterways clean, clear and safe for everyone. Our staff will let you know about upcoming events and opportunities for you to get involved!

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If you are paying by cash or check, please send your payment of $5 per patch receiving youth and adult to:

P.O. Box 203 Perrysburg, Ohio 43552

If you would like to pay via PayPal please follow the link below:

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Partners for Clean Streams, Clean Your Streams 365 Program is an extension of our Clean Your Streams Day event that takes place once a year. Although our volunteers remove tons (literally) of debris during our once a year cleanup, there are still mountains of trash floating around in and along our rivers. The Clean Your Streams 365 Program allows individuals and groups to go out, on their own time and clean up their local waterways. Partners for Clean Streams provides all of the equipment necessary to conduct a cleanup. You simply have to come and pick up a Clean Your Streams 365 Cleanup Kit from our offices. Once you are done with your cleanup, bring the kit back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. All you have to do is email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or give us a call (419-874-0727) and you will be on your way to helping us keep our rivers clean, clear and safe!


IMG 2220PCS would like to thank the 900+ volunteers who came out on Saturday, September 23rd for the 21st Annual Clean Your Streams Day! This event would not be possible without all the dedication of the volunteers, sponsors, and planning committee.  Thank you for making clean streams a priority in your community.  We have poured through the data cards and compiled the results from the day:

Volunteers: 910

Sites: 69, including one boat crew

River distance covered: 27.4 miles

Total number of trash collected: 23,798 pounds

Check our online photo album for pics from the day:  We hope everyone had a positive, impactful day.  Thank you for your hard work!!


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Partners for Clean Streams Inc. is striving for abundant open space and a high quality natural environment; adequate floodwater storage capacities and flourishing wildlife; stakeholders who take local ownership in their resources; and rivers, streams and lakes that are clean, clear and safe