Do you support clean streams? Are you ready to do a little more? Can’t attend CYS Day but still want to help? Create your own fundraising page with FirstGiving and help us put on the 16th Annual Clean Your Streams! On FirstGiving, you can tell your personal Clean Your Streams stories and share with your friends and family on your own mini-web page. All funds that you help raise will go directly to the 16th Annual Clean Your Streams. Check out our 16th Annual Clean Your Streams FirstGiving page to get started. You can also create a team page and fundraise as an organization! It doesn’t get any easier! So with minimal effort on your part, we all receive maximum benefits! The top fundraiser will receive the FirstGiving Challenge Award, which is announced at the Appreciation Picnic. Want to support us but not create a full web page? Feel free to donate directly right now! Thank you in advance for your support!