Reel In and Recycle

Our fishing line recycling bins prevent tangled fishing line, lead sinkers, hooks, and lures from becoming debris in our waterways. Adopt, host, or sponsor a fishing line recycling bin to improve waterways for wildlife and humans alike. If you’re an angler, check out our bin locations map link below.

How To Volunteer

All Year

Contact us to learn more about fishing line recycling bins that are available for adoption (agreeing to clean and maintain bins), sponsorship (supporting our program as a whole or particular bins), or locations to potentially host a newly-installed bin.

See a bin that needs some TLC? Fill out the form below!

Program Impact





Pounds of fishing line removed


Fishing Line Recycling Bins across NWO

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are fishing line recycling bins located?

We’re glad you asked! Check out our map.

Where do you recycle fishing line?

We partner with the Berkley Conservation Institute to recycling fishing line in this program.

How can I adopt a fishing line recycling bin?

Simply fill out our interest form and we’ll get in touch with you.

Learn More

…about what marine debris is and how you can prevent it.

…about the local waterways that this program benefits.

…about simple lifestyle changes that add up to help our waterways.