Water Quality Monitoring

Become a citizen scientist: use monitoring instruments to report on water conditions at designated sites across four Northwest Ohio waterways. Volunteers pick a route of 3-4 sites, receive training on our equipment and sampling protocol, and then collect vital data about the health of local streams.

How To Volunteer

Between April and September

Water quality monitoring volunteer sign-ups are now open for 2024!

All Year

Contact us to make sure you get notified when we open future rounds of water quality monitoring volunteer sign-ups.

Program Impact





Pounds of marine debris removed


Waterway Sites Cleared

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Please wear clothes you’re comfortable getting muddy or damp. For safety, we highly recommend long pants and closed-toed shoes.

Do I need to be a scientist/have experience with water testing?

Nope! The monitoring process is quick and simple, and you don’t need any special background or skills to get involved. We welcome everyone as a volunteer scientist!

What does the training look like?

A trained staff member will meet you at your first monitoring site and bring all the needed equipment monitoring kit, data sheets, bucket/rope, etc. You’ll work with them to learn how to use the equipment and record data at each of the sites on your route: they’ll be able to answer any questions you have, troubleshoot any potential problems, and show you exactly where to park and where to access the water for data collection. By the end of training, you’ll be all set to monitor your route for the rest of the field season!

How flexible is the time commitment?

You are committing to sampling your route once a month, April – October. You choose the day/time that you complete your monitoring each month, so there is a lot of flexibility! Equipment can be picked up/dropped off at four different locations in the Greater Toledo area, based on your location and availability.

Learn More

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