Camp Miakonda and Ottawa River Restoration Project- Down in the mud

The time is here! Construction efforts at camp are currently underway and the changes are everywhere. Geo. Gradel and Ecological Restoration are hard at work doing their best to stay the course and keep our timeline goal set for finishing visible work by the end of October. Ottawa River construction is underway with the installation of stream bank protection, utilizing techniques developed by Dave Derrick, stream hydrologist at the Army Corp of Engineers. Ecological Restoration is working closely with Derrick in order to properly install the bank protection as well as in-stream structures designed to redirect the thalweg, or the lowest line in a river bed (which typically indicates the fastest moving part of the river). The thalweg will show where a stream is moving the quickest, and in turn, show us where degradation is happening. By moving the thalweg back in the middle of a stream, bank erosion will significantly decrease. The in-stream structures are made from natural materials like wood and stone, so over time they won’t even be noticeable.

Gradel is concentrating its efforts on the draining of Lake Sawyer for the preparation of excavating the lake. They will begin the excavation by removing excess sediment throughout the lake that has been deposited over time and return most of the lake to its original conditions and depth. The revitalization of the lake will undoubtedly enhance and create habitat for fish and other benfical organisms for the environment as well as give new recreational use for the Boy Scouts. Don’t be surprised to see Scouts of all ages fishing, hiking around, and canoeing in the lake after the project is complete for many years to come.

We’ll be adding more construction updates to our website as plans continue to evolve and milestones are reached. If you are planning on using the camp for any reason or stopping at the Scout Shop for materials, please be patient and courteous to our workers. Also, take note of the construction zones. Caution tape, flags and other markers are in place for your safety during this time. The low road into camp is currently closed for the duration of the project and the Scouts have indicated that the high road is currently a two-day drive for the time being. Take care when entering and exiting Camp Miakonda.

We appreciate all the cooperation with Boy Scouts and other organization that have helped to make the project possible in any way, shape or form. Thank you!