terryand dianecropped.sizedEvery year, we present the Clean Streams Partner Award to an incredible leader in local water conservation. This person cannot shoot laser beams from their eyes but instead, works wonders through dedication and commitment for our local waterways. This year’s Clean Streams Partner is Terry Shankland. Terry has been involved with the Maumee RAP and PCS as a volunteer of Clean Your Streams Day since the late 1990’s. He served as the event caterer for Clean Your Streams for 15 years, providing a continually growing number of volunteers with hot dogs, baked beans and chili. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for PCS. In 2006, he was appointed to the Toledo Parks Commission Board. Terry has also served as a citizen member of the TMACOG Ottawa River and Maumee River Committees, is the former President of the Ottawa/Jermaine Park boards, and volunteered for Special Projects with the Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio.

Terry is a self-employed, small business owner responsible for the operations, marketing and customer service for Shankland’s Catering, which he started 30 years ago. Terry is a lifelong resident of the metro-Toledo area where he and his wife, Diane, currently reside.
Terry was chosen to receive the Clean Streams Partner Award for his countless hours of service in supporting the Maumee RAP and PCS. His dedication to regional water-quality projects is admirable and contagious. His support of cleaner, clearer and safer waterways has been consistent for many years and is visible in the leadership roles he takes.  Terry was honored at this year’s Annual General Meeting. For all your hours of service and dedication, Terry, we thank you.