cys 16 - monroe street kickoff 9-15-2012 013croppedsizedEvery year, at Thanksgiving time, I am reminded to pause and reflect on my blessings. Of course, like many of you, those thoughts usually center on family, well-being, and helping provide for my family. But this year, I am also trying to intentionally think about those often over-looked fundamentals. Fundamental blessings like open and green spaces, a sunny fall day, fresh water, and the ability to actively enjoy all of those gifts here, close to home.  I am privileged to lead an organization that focuses on protecting, restoring, and engaging people with those wonderful natural resources. And yet, in the demanding work called for in this profession, it is all too easy to focus on the negative, long-term challenges – rather than on the privileges of serving, engaging, teaching, and leading. I gratefully chose to focus on the thousands of hours volunteers have given this year to restore areas, to care for our natural environment, and to teach the youth to continue caring for the water and the land. Or the blessing of a dedicated, caring staff carrying the day-to-day load and going above and beyond a “job” to demonstrate that “Giving” is year-round.  I am also thankful for the businesses and individuals who entrust us with the financial resources to continuing giving back to our community by caring for the land and the water.

Those volunteers, staff, colleagues, and donors are actively living out the “Giving” in ThanksGiving year round. With this in mind, turn this season – from Thanksgiving through New Year’s – into an opportunity to not only passively reflect on your blessings but also as a time to decide how you will actively live out the “Giving” all year-long.  Please consider making PCS one of the ways for you and your family to actively give back. There are many meaningful opportunities for you at, ranging from volunteer opportunities to membership and donations to steps to take at home to conserve water.  In whatever way you chose to “Give”, the PCS staff, our waterways, native wildlife and our future generations thank you.