8th Annual Get the Lead Out!

groupglocropped7.10.12During the 8th Annual Get the Lead Out! this summer, we broke records with number of volunteers, distance covered and amount of lead collected.  Volunteers walked through and around the Maumee River removing derelict, potentially harmful fishing line, hooks and lead sinkers from the environment. A total of 64 volunteers covered 2.5 miles of the Maumee River between Perrysburg and Maumee in 10 separate outings. Because of low waters and increased participation, we were able to retrieve 210 pounds of lead sinkers and 3 large bags full of discarded fishing line, way more than ever before! The collected lead is being resold and reused while the line has been sent to Berkley Fishing to be recycled. Thank you to each of you who made this year’s Get the Lead Out! such a success!