Winter is a quieter time for PCS publicly, but within the office our staff is busily preparing for upcoming events and projects like the Patch Day Workshop and monitoring the Camp Miakonda Habitat Restoration Project. With a new year comes new resolutions, and the PCS staff has a few recommendations to help turn that new leaf.

Paige: “Teach your children the value of the outdoors. Help and encourage them to learn about the animals, trees, lakes, rivers, and how we fit into the natural world.” Also, “Throw a party on the river! You’d be surprised how many people never think of utilizing our local riverside parks. Expose your family and friends to the beauty around us all!”

Ava: “Treasure your trees! A two-foot diameter big leaf maple tree prevents nearly 2,000 gallons of storm water and reduces CO2 by 600 pounds every year! Check out other benefits of your own backyard trees at i-Tree Design and plant more trees when you can. Remember that everything is connected and we should cherish everything as such.”

Kris: “Put your money where your passion is. If you love rivers and are not supporting a river conservation group, like PCS, please do so! Your contributions help us organize cleanups, put into place litter prevention programs, habitat restoration projects and great education programs. Every drop in the bucket helps in a huge way.”

Kyle: “Install a rain barrel! There are plenty of opportunities to save water AND money by implementing this simple structure to collect rain water for your garden or lawn. Check out this local initiative or this video for information on how easy it is to set one up!”

Make your own River Resolutions! There are countless ways to protect and restore rivers. Share them with everyone on our Facebook Page!