Many local fisherman don’t think of the college campuses as prime fishing grounds but multiple Steelhead Trout were recently caught on the University of Toledo’s campus in the Ottawa River. According to Matt Markey, The Toledo Blade Outdoors Editor, the Steelhead Trout spends its summers in Lake Erie and in streams in the colder months, preferring  cool, clean waters. Catching a Steelhead Trout in the Ottawa River indicates that more selective fish, like the trout, are able to survive where they couldn’t before.

The improvements in habitat are possibly due to the multiple habitat restoration projects, including dam removals, recently completed along the Ottawa River. The Ottawa River has had many habitat restoration projects in the recent years and the River seems to be responding well. Our congratulations goes to the successful fisherman. We look forward to many more success stories like this one to demonstrate how productive and healthy our local rivers and streams can be. The complete story of the remarkable catch was highlighted in Matt Markey’s recent article  “Steelhead big man on UT campus” found in the Toledo Blade.