trash at walleye table resizedEvery year Toledo welcomes fishermen to the Maumee River from far and wide for Walleye fishing.  On Saturday, April 6th we had the opportunity to spend the day along the Maumee River near Blue Grass Island in Sidecut MetroPark. We were on a mission to welcome them back (both the fish and the fishermen) and to get some help removing some of the early spring garbage from the river.  Although it was a chilly 43° and windy, the parking lots were full and River Road was lined with cars as we passed out garbage bags to Walleye fisherman. They brought us back bags of trash they had collected while out in the River.

With the assistance of Bass Pro Shops providing some great giveaways, we collected a large pile of trash next to our table along the side of the road.  In addition to trash, we were rewarded with huge smiles and great stories from those young and old alike as the day passed.  Not only did we see those gorgeous Walleye, but the extra pile of trash/treasure grew from a few cans and bags to include a tire, a mailbox and a beach ball.  Oh, and Paige did get a new sign for her desk that says “Keep Off”!  We were lucky enough to be sitting next to Dennis at Zap Lures and he continued to hand out garbage bags as requests to clean up the river continued the next day.  Toledo Area MetroParks hauled away all the trash that accumulated throughout the day. Now the River is cleaner, fishermen (and women) are more aware of their trash and the day couldn’t have been more successful. So the next time you are out fishing, walking or enjoying the river “come with nothing, leave with something” as Paul Arman said.

Check out the pictures from the day here!