paige and i at river signsmallAs staff, most of our time is spent in the office, staring at a computer writing reports, writing grants, organizing events or writing newsletter articles. Sometimes, however, we get to go out and learn from the rivers and other people. Recently, we (Paige and Ava) got to do just that. We went the National River Rally in St. Louis where we met with hundreds of professionals (certified smart people) to learn techniques for creating communities that rally for and around rivers. While we normally deal with people in the Toledo area who have brilliant ideas and incredible experiences, this time we went to workshops and meetings, listened to inspirational speakers, went on canoe trips and connected with bunches of people from around the country. No doubt you will see changes (for the better) in how PCS plans events, develops projects, hosts fundraisers and ultimately cares for our rivers. We came back with renewed ownership, dedication and passion for restoring and preserving our local waterways. Most places around the world don’t have enough water to drink, let alone water plants, take showers and go swimming. We are blessed to care for the largest river going into the largest body of freshwater (the Great Lakes) in the world. Sometimes it takes getting away to realize the gem that we have here. Ask us what we learned at River Rally, we would love to share! Some stories are too good to not share.