Maumee Corps is on the Ground

muamee corps looking at plants smallPartners for Clean Streams has officially hired eight excited seasonal interns for the Maumee Corps project, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The interns will be focusing on invasive species management with the help from our partners at The Olander Park System, The University of Toledo, and The Boy Scouts of America. PCS is pleased to loan this crew of students to our partners to focus on the problem of invasive species throughout the summer into early fall. Students will be augmenting existing projects or doing more than these partners could do alone. If you’re planning to visit one of these locations anytime soon, look for the highly motivated group of people wearing brightly colored PCS (or CYS) shirts and thank them for their work!   

The Toledo Metroparks and The Nature Conservancy have also hired seasonal employees. As sub-award recipients under the NOAA grant through PCS, the two agencies have teamed with PCS to put people to work protecting the Maumee AOC. A combined 23 workers have been hired between the three organizations. These employees will be focused anywhere between habitat restoration to invasive species control and removal. We’re proud of the work already accomplished by our partners and excited about the work yet to begin!