3 women at picnic smExercise more. Clean more. Eat less junk food. Or you could take shorter showers, buy local food, use less fertilizer, carpool more and recycle more. While you are on the path of doing good for the world, why not take care of your drinking water, your recreational source and your playground for your kids? Join Partners for Clean Streams and you can do all of these things! Now is your chance to do something that makes an impact on your rivers, help create wildlife habitat, rebuild a healthy environment and teach others to do the same. We cannot live without water and here in northwest Ohio, we are blessed to have an abundance of it, but our rivers need constant care and attention and we cannot do it alone. We need your help. Join us and become a Partner and empower volunteers and staff to make our rivers clean, clear and safe for generations to come. By joining us and getting involved in our river protecting efforts, we promise exercise, fresh air and better scenery than a gym. So this year, make a promise that you can keep; a promise for a better world. Join us now by donating and becoming a member of Partners for Clean Streams.