April is often known for its rain, spring like weather, and Earth Day. While we cannot promise the rain or weather, we can get excited about our Earth. And at PCS, we are excited about Earth’s fresh water. Over three-fourths of our Earth is covered in water but less than three percent is fresh water, and most of that is frozen. Of that usable fresh water, seventy-five percent is within the Great Lakes. The little bit of fresh, usable water on this planet is worth protecting. The Maumee River is the largest of any of the rivers flowing into the Great Lakes and deserves to be cared for to sustain our drinking water, our commerce, our recreation, and our abundant wildlife. This is our main message as we celebrate Earth Day. We encourage you to find more ways to reduce our impact, conserve resources, appreciate nature, and celebrate your Earth! Below is a schedule of events we’ll be supporting in the coming weeks. Stop by – we look forward to seeing you there!

 April 5-6  Walleye Run; Rotary Pavilion at Side Cut Metropark
 April 12  Global Youth Service Day; Appreciation Picnic at the Toledo Zoo
 April 22  University of Toledo Earth Fest
 April 26  Party for the Planet at the Toledo Zoo