Thank you and congratulations to the 85 young Scouts that attended the Youth Patch Day Workshop on Sunday, March 2nd. The group of energetic Boy and Girl Scouts from kindergarten through fifth grade earned the blue and white embroidered Partnering for Clean Streams Patch by participating in various water education activities. Professionals that work to improve our water quality daily came to lead activities by teaching the children how to become educated and active stewards of our water resources through hands on activities. Participants played in dirt, made worm bins, learned about agriculture, painted a protective storm drain message and explored how water is treated so it is safe for us to drink. The workshop ended in song highlighting benefits of rain gardens. Many of the participants were excited to come back next year. One parent commented, “The presenters were very engaging and the kids are learning a lot that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.” An eleven-year-old Scout agreed, with an enthusiastic, “This is really cool!” A huge thank you goes out to all those who participated and all those professionals who made the event possible, including Cherie Blair, Andrea Beard, Jen Huber, Jamie Kochensparger, Cheryl Rice, Patrick Lawrence, Richard Kroeger, Rick Hannum, Marilyn DuFour, and Lauren Rush. We look forward to see you at next year’s workshop!