Oak Tree at Oak Openings, location of Maumee Corps workSpring is here, which means the Maumee Corps project is officially underway again. Our project partners, The Nature Conservancy and Metroparks of the Toledo Area, have already been incredibly busy and pushed our accomplishments even further. The project has impacted more than 1,500 acres of land by applying prescribed burning techniques, as well as herbicide spraying, mowing, canopy reduction activities, and more. Much of the work being done will greatly benefit the federally endangered Karner Blue Butterfly, by promoting grass and herbaceous plant growth, specifically wild lupine, a highly sought after species of plant for the butterfly. Recently crews performed scheduled, prescribed burns in the prairies of Oak Openings followed by the planting of native seeds to reestablish healthy ecosystems in the park. In total, 29 total people have been hired through this grant, clocking in nearly 70,000 hours of work. We’re only beginning the heavy season of work for 2014, and we’ve smashed through our goals and expectations. Look for more information in the coming months!