Change for Clean Your Streams

Every year, hundreds of Partners for Clean Streams volunteers—people like you!—take to the waters and remove the garbage that doesn’t belong there. In 2013 alone, volunteers removed over 16,000 pounds of trash on Clean Your Streams Day. Believe it or not, we are starting to plan for this year’s 18th Annual Clean Your Streams on September 20th 2014. (So save the Date!) But we need your help for this year and years to come.  Partners for Clean Streams is dedicated to the waterways of the greater Toledo area, but we depend on your support.  We want to know – Can your group, business, or family bring the most Change for Change? We challenge each group that will join us for this year’s Clean Your Streams event to pool dimes, nickels, quarters and pennies. Search under sofa cushions! Raid piggy banks! Empty car cupholders! Set out a jar in the office! Start collecting change now!


After you have collected your Change, bring it with you to the Clean Your Streams Appreciation Picnic AFTER the cleanup. Each group’s collective Change for Change will be weighed and weight totals will be marked on a board at the Picnic. The group with the heaviest Change wins the Challenge and will receive a Mystery Award! To get the Change collection started, tape our half sheet flyer to a jar and set it in your office, break room or counter or pass it around at scout or church meetings. Get your Change for Change Flyer! Your loose change can add up to make a lot of Change for our local rivers!