Get the Lead Out with Sierra Club 2014We are currently recruiting volunteers for Storm Drain Marking and Get the Lead Out through August. Both volunteer opportunities are great ways for your volunteer group to improve our local waterways and ecosystems. For Storm Drain Marking, volunteers mark storm drains along neighborhood streets and parking lots, reminding everyone that drains lead straight to the nearest stream or river without the water being filtered or treated. This means we should not throw trash or dump anything down the storm drains. Storm Drain Marking can be done in various neighborhoods around the greater Toledo area and is perfect for groups over the age of 10. For Get the Lead Out, volunteers walk through a small section of the Maumee River and collect tangled fishing line and lead sinkers. We work in between Perrysburg and Maumee where the fishing for the Walleye Run is heaviest near Side Cut Metropark.  Both of the volunteer activities can be planned to fit your group’s or family’s schedule. Note that these events are weather dependent. If interested in either of these great activities, contact us and we would be happy to arrange the volunteer times and places.