The Ottawa River is growing beautifully!

Ottawa River from bridgeHave you had the chance to check out the Ottawa River through the University of Toledo’s campus recently? Since the “construction” phase of the restoration has been completed for the University of Toledo Ottawa River Restoration Project, many invasive, harmful plants have been replaced by native trees and shrubs that are perfect for river bank habitat. In the past few weeks, the remaining trees and shrubs have been planted along this stretch of the river on campus, augmenting the work done by the Maumee Corps last summer. Interpretive signs will be strategically placed along the banks of the river, encouraging students and campus visitors to engage with the river and learn about the restoration and ecology work there. The signs will be in place when students return to classes this August. There are even newly constructed places for people to access the river banks. With so much positive attention put on the river, the ecosystem is responding positively, as new wildlife is being seen in and around the water. So next time you visit the University of Toledo’s campus, take a look and try to find the erosion control features, habitat enhancement, and riparian zone plantings. Or just enjoy the peaceful flow of the river, the cooling breeze through the trees, and remember the simple pleasures of a healthy river.