Do more for your Waterways!

CYS '13 Planning TeamClean Your Streams Day is made possible through the efforts of volunteers and the staff of Partners for Clean Streams. We work hard to ensure that all our volunteers are equipped with enough supplies and safety gear in order to make the cleanup successful. To help us continue making this event a success, we are seeking your help to cover its costs.


Change for Change, the newest Challenge category, is a great opportunity for volunteers of all ages and group sizes to benefit our local rivers and streams by donating loose change to Partners for Clean Streams. You can be part of the Change for Change competition by collecting loose change and bringing it to the Appreciation Picnic for an official weigh-in. The group with the heaviest combined amount of change will win the Change for Change Challenge and receive a Mystery Award. So dump out your piggy bank, pick up that penny on the street corner, and empty those car cup holders! Or set up a jar in the office or pass it around at meetings. To get started, print your Change for Change flyer now!


You can also support us in a more traditional way. Become a Partner with us! We are still looking for individual sponsors, business sponsors, and any size of donation. The monetary support goes towards purchasing necessary supplies for the stream cleanup, staffing to help plan and organize the event, putting together and purchasing food for the picnic, and much more. Support our year-round efforts by making a donation to Partners for Clean Streams here. A huge Thank You goes to the organizations who have already committed to making a difference in our local waterways. Our major donors are Ohio EPA, Toledo Community Foundation, University of Toledo, BP Husky, Perstorp, Johnson Controls, Lucas County Storm Water Utility and First Solar. We couldn’t do this without you!