As we take time to slow down at the end of another whirlwind year, we reflect and appreciate the incredible work that has taken place in the past year. With this reflection, we gain a deep appreciation for our partners, volunteers and our extraordinary rivers, creeks and lakes. And we look to our supporters to make an end of the year gift to continue the work on clear, clean, and safe local waters. We often take for granted the rivers we all rely on for economy, recreation, drinking, and for so much of what provides the high quality of life that we enjoy. But this year, especially, those of us in the greater Toledo area received a harsh wake up call when we couldn’t use our water for even the most basic services – drinking and bathing. This experience shows us how connected we are to our water every day, often when we don’t even think about it. Our waters and our partnerships connect us to each other through shared memories, goals and experiences.

It doesn’t have to be such a big wake up call that helps us realize how often take for granted the fertile soils, variety of trees and flowers, abundant flowing rivers and great landscapes we have in our corner of the world. Because sometimes we notice small, seemingly insignificant things that can take our breath away and it is those moments that can compel us to appreciate and protect what we have every day.

This year, please consider helping your waterways by supporting the local organization that protects them with an end of the year gift. Become a Partner for Clean Streams by donating $15 or more! Your donations will keep the dynamic cleanup events, education activities, restoration projects and public outreach vital and growing. While we are dedicated to the waterways of the greater Toledo area, we depend on your support. Donating by the end of the year ensures your tax exemption to the extent allowed by law and that we start next year with even more resources to support clear, clean, and safe water. You can donate online or by sending in a check to Partners for Clean Streams, PO Box 203 Perrysburg OH, 43552.