Building New Partnerships Leads to Success

Partners are wonderful, especially when one new partner snowballs into three great new partnerships! Sometimes, we have certain donors that step up and answer our call for help in an extraordinary ways. The most recent donors to step forward come in a combination of Charles Boyk Law, GreenSweep, and Deets BBQ. From a simple connection from one of our Board members to a small sponsorship and newsletter feature to stepping up to a large donation and making two new productive connections for us, these companies quickly blossomed into full Partners for Clean Streams! In brainstorming with them, we discussed all the things that Partners for Clean Streams struggles with; people knowing our message and name, acquiring private donations, and ongoing, repeat volunteers. The companies took their community responsibility seriously and provided more than monetary assistance. You can thank Deets BBQ for lunch at Clean Your Streams, Charles Boyk for opening doors, sponsoring fishing line recycling bins, and for spreading our name, and GreenSweep for providing resources for Clean Your Streams Day and Get the Lead Out. We are excited to see where our budding relationship will lead.

Our largest event, Clean Your Streams Day, serves as a large community effort to clean rivers, an awareness building event, fundraising for Partners for Clean Streams and a crucial trash removal for our rivers. There is still time for you or your company to donate and sponsor Clean Your Streams. For a $250 cash donation, you could be listed on our event shirts, on our website, posters and more. The deadline is August 28th so don’t delay. For more information about sponsoring Clean Your Streams, check out our Donor Information Page or contact us. We would love to have you join us.