19th Annual Clean Your Streams Success

Hull and Associates at The BladeEach year, we say “This year’s event was the best!” but this time, we mean it! While we are still tallying numbers and counting forms, we know we had 971 volunteers step up and clean amazing amounts of trash from 68 sites around the Toledo area from ditches, streams and rivers. 772 bags and 13,528 pounds of trash were hauled from 33.9 miles of streams and rivers. Regardless of the numbers (which are impressive), the passion and excitement was overwhelmingly positive and infectious. Despite sprinkles of rain, volunteers took the initiative to get all the trash they could, including many “weird items.” Here are just a few: shopping carts, 97 baseballs, coconuts, power drill, watch, sled, wheel barrel, hub caps, duck decoys, a Bible, pack of bullets and a wig.

To make your impact even bigger, DONATE NOW to help events like this continue to be a success, bringing people closer to their rivers. This program could not have been a success without our generous partners and donors. Special thanks go to Deets BBQ, Charles Boyk Law and GreenSweep for sponsoring lunch at the Picnic. Also, thank you to our major sponsors: First Solar, Johnson Controls, City of Toledo, Perstorp, University of Toledo, BP Husky Refining, Lucas County Storm Water Utility and BCSN.  To see the full list of donors, check out our Sponsors Page.  To share your story about Clean Your Streams, please send your pictures and thoughts to [email protected] or share via social media with Twitter and Instagram (@PCSMaumee) and Facebook using the hashtag #CleanYourStreams419. Here are some of our favorite pictures, many of which came from our volunteers.

Thank you again to all the volunteers, partners and sponsors who helped make the cleanup a success. Donate now to make sure this is not the last Clean Your Streams!