StaffingiscoolJust like the rivers we care for, our organization changes with time. Our next big change is that we will be hiring 2 part time staff positions in the coming months. One position, the Communication and Outreach Specialist, will focus on communication and outreach for the organization, reaching out to and working with our partners, volunteers, donors and the public via social media, traditional media, our website and more. The deadline for that postition has been extended until November 15th and asks for a resume and cover letter. The other position, Program Coordinator, will focus on the running annual programs, such as Clean Your Streams Day and Storm Drain Marking and smaller programs we hold throughout the year promoting clean, clear and safe waters. We are no longer accepting applications for this postion at this time. For more details, please check out the Communication and Outreach Specialist job posting. Please share these postings with anyone who might be interested. This is your chance to be part of our PCS team.