End of Year Joyous Giving

Thank you to all the generous donors who gave on Giving Tuesday, December 1st. We had a wonderful response and met our fundraising goal for that day. Thanks to the Toledo Community Foundation, the donations will be matched up to $1,000. With great social media interaction on Twitter and Facebook, over 1,000 people saw our messages of about protecting our local rivers. We are very pleased with the responses we got for Giving Tuesday and we are reminded about the dedication and respect our partners have for our rivers.

However, we are not done. We still need your help in increasing our funding for next year. While we do get grants for specific programs, that funding is very restricted and we need more unrestricted funding to build programs that increase educational and volunteer opportunities to protect our rivers. December is the best time to give generously to Partners for Clean Streams because we are able to take donated funds and use them to create better programs next spring. So in the midst of your shopping and hustling in the next few weeks, please take time to remember the simple, basic things in life; healthy rivers, clean ecosystems and flourishing wildlife. With your donation, we can make these things a standard for many years to come. We encourage you to give generously by becoming a member of Partners for Clean Streams or with a one-time, no obligation donation. In advance, thank you for your generosity and thank you for your crucial support in over the past year.