Ava is Leaving PCS in Good Hands

AvainMaumeeGLO12One thing I love about nature is that it never stops changing. Even if the rocks stay the same for millions of years, the ground and sky above them teems with life, ever changing.  Somewhere the sun is setting, while somewhere else, the sun is rising. As does the earth, I must change and keep moving forward in my life’s journey and goals.  I will be leaving PCS this February to pursue other environmental conservation opportunities focusing on Tropical Marine Ecosystems in Florida after I travel the country for multiple months. It has been a delight to work for Partners for Clean Streams for the past 4.5 years but adventure awaits me. Throughout that time, I have gained extremely useful professional experience, made long lasting friendships and experienced phenomenal personal growth. I have learned how to run a river cleanup, how to design a t-shirt, how to put content into Joomla (our website platform) and run meetings for Clean Your Streams Day, recycle fishing line and countless other things, most of which I had no idea I would learn when I applied for the job over 4 years ago.

I am leaving PCS with two capable staff, Mike and Jessica, who will lead programs, educate the community, build more partnerships, and engage more people with the goal of improving stream ecology. I am spending the rest of my time at PCS training them and making the transition smoother. In the future, please contact Jessica or Mike for volunteer projects, programming, fundraising, and everything else that I used to do. While PCS has grown in the time that I have been here, there is much more growth left to do. The work is not done. I trust the new staff and the Toledo community to continue the improvements. 

Before I leave, I want to give some unsolicited advice – Take the time for the walk along the river or plan a day to enjoy nature while you can, even if it’s a 10-minute walk. Tomorrow, you will be too busy, or it will be too cold, or you’ll find another excuse. Take the time now to enjoy it because right now is when memories are made. It will be those memories that propel you forward to protect and conserve what resources we love most but take advantage of too often.  I will miss my office, my co-workers and the multitude of partners I have worked with. However, I will be leaving with unforgettable memories and skills that will carry me forward for improving the environment for all of us.  While I know my future is uncertain, I am sure it will not be boring, Mother Nature will make sure of that.  Thank you to everyone who has made my time at PCS unforgettable.