Jessica is Here to Talk with You

jessicastaff1My name is Jessica Batanian and it is an honor to be the new Communications and Outreach Specialist for Partners for Clean Streams. I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that strives to make our community, both the people and the environment, a better place. I grew up in Sylvania, Ohio and spent much of my childhood exploring the fields and the creek in front of my house. However, my passion for water and specifically, the Great Lakes, stems from time spent in Northern Michigan at my family’s cabin. Seeing and experiencing the beauty of lakes and rivers as a child, and learning the importance of them as an adult is what led me to this opportunity at Partners for Clean Streams.

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Environmental Science from Wittenberg University, I ventured north to Michigan State University to earn a Master’s degree in Community Sustainability with a focus in environmental education. While at Michigan State, I worked on various projects involving organizations such as Michigan Sea Grant and the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. I was also a youth programs intern with the Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing, through which I planned and taught various lessons and activities on environmental stewardship and garden education. The experiences I had during my childhood and throughout my education have shaped my interest in the environment. I am very excited to join Partners for Clean Streams and our efforts to protect Northwest Ohio’s waterways, for many generations to come.