2017 GCM logoFor the second year, Partners for Clean Streams has been selected as a charity partner for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. In addition to this great honor, we are also partnering with the Marathon to continue developing their “greening” efforts through recycling, composting, and TerraCycling (to learn more about TerraCycling, click here).  Last year, a handful of volunteers and the PCS staff were able to divert approximately 4,500 pounds of waste from the landfill by creating a separating system. Most of this waste came from the finish line area and after party next to the University of Toledo Glass Bowl. We separated thousands of plastic bottles and cups for recycling, cardboard and food waste for composting by Hirzel Farms, and thousands of water cups, GU Packs, and heat sheets for TerraCycling. At the end of the day, an entire 30-yard dumpster intended for landfill waste sat empty.

While this is a unique and powerful partnership, you might be wondering, well what does this have to do with our rivers? The Marathon runners cross the Ottawa River and other tributaries several times throughout the course. They will also rely on drinking water to keep them hydrated over 26.2 miles.  The volunteers that sweep the course after the race are helping the rivers by removing debris before it reaches the nearest storm drain or waterway. Water is inherently connected to this race, and we hope that our involvement and partnership will draw attention to that.

This year’s race is on Sunday, April 23rd, the day after Earth Day. How fitting! Whether you are running the race, cheering from the sidelines, or watching news coverage at home, you have the opportunity to support our efforts at the Marathon and beyond. As a charity partner, runners, spectators, and the general public are able to make a donation to PCS through the Marathon. This money will not only support our work that day to reduce the environmental footprint of the race, but it will also support our work to protect and preserve our local waterways. Our programs, outreach, partnerships, and projects all revolve around our mission, which is to strive for rivers, streams, and lakes that are clean, clear, and safe. To donate as a part of the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, click here.