Local Youth Mark Drains for Earth Day

May1Thank you to the 12 volunteers who participated in Storm Drain Marking on April 22, to celebrate Earth Day and Global Youth Service Day! Brownie Troop 11663 marked 9 storm drains in West Toledo with medallions and distributed 125 informational flyers to residents of that neighborhood.  The youth volunteers also removed and cleared all leaves and yard debris from the storm drains they marked.  The goal of this program is to spread awareness about the purpose and importance of storm drains, and why it is critical that only rainwater enters these drains.  A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t drink it don’t pour it, as most storm drains lead directly to the nearest waterway, untreated. Good maintenance practices for your neighborhood storm drains include keeping drain free of debris like leaves and lawn clippings; being mindful of fertilizer and pesticide use on your property as the excess can run off and enter the storm drain; and checking your nearest storm drain before a rain event to ensure it is not clogged or blocked which can cause flooding.  For more tips, check out the Toledo Lake Erie Clear Choices Clean Water website and take a pledge to keep your neighborhood storm drain debris-free! Also, consider registering a group for Storm Drain Marking this summer to have a real impact on our local water quality! Contact our office if interested.