2017 Get the Lead Out Program

GLOoverallThroughout this summer, we have been busy getting the lead, line, and lures out of our riverways. We had five different events, primarily located at Side Cut Metropark in Maumee and Orleans Park in Perrysburg. 41 volunteers came out to help us beautify the riverbanks of the Maumee. With the help of the Toledo ZooTeens and volunteers from the public, we were able to remove 6.6 pounds of fishing line from the riparian area along with 210 pounds of trash and debris. The fishing line is then sent to Berkley Conservation Institute, where they recycle it and repurpose it for spawning habitat. For more information about their program, click here. Fishing line does not break down in the environment for over 600 years, so this program is one way we can encourage volunteers to help protect their local waterways. We hope that our efforts will also inspire fishermen to be cognizant and responsible for their actions while enjoying the abundant fishing opportunities here in Northwest Ohio. For further information about our Get the Lead Out program, check out our website.