AnnualProgramsPartners for Clean Streams has several programs available throughout the year. Missed Clean Your Streams Day or want to do it again? Make your own Clean Your Streams Day with our CYS 365 program. We will provide the supplies and data cards for any group interested in cleaning a specific site, any day of the year. Our Reel-in-and-Recycle program provides fishing line bins to parks and private property owners to allow fishermen to properly dispose of their used line. You can Host-a-Bin, Sponsor-a-Bin, or Adopt-a-bin today to help us keep fishing line out of the water and away from wildlife. Get the Lead Out is another waterway conservation program that centers on the removal of fishing line, lead, and lures from the riverbank. Is education more your thing? Each Spring, PCS presents a Youth Patch Day program in which participating Boy and Girl Scout troops can receive a patch for various water-related activities. Following Patch Day, volunteers can participate in our Storm Drain Marking program that encourages responsible use of our community’s storm drains through marking and education. Educational outreach programs allow us to promote our mission of increasing awareness and community stewardship.

These programs are all made possible by volunteers and donations from people like you. If you would like to support PCS and our annual programs, please consider several options for doing so. Become a member and receive updates on our events and much more. Volunteer to participate in our several programs and do your part for the environment and your community. Or, donate to support the continuation of programs, such as Clean Your Streams Day and Get the Lead Out. As a local non-profit, all your donations will go towards ensuring that these programs remain sustainable and available.