Your Waterways Need Your Help!

waterwayshelpAs we enter into the holiday season, we are reminded of the gratitude we have for our members, donors, and volunteers. Thank you. We all want safe and clean water for drinking, recreating, and enjoying. As we approach the New Year, we are working to continue to expand our programs that support and protect our waterways. But we can’t do it without your help. Please consider making a donation to improve our local waters. Clean water is something we take for granted until we don’t have it. As we continue to combat the Lake Erie algal issue, clean water becomes an increasingly important topic for everyone in our community. Your donation will go towards promoting education, volunteer opportunities, and ensuring strong regional partnerships. Help us to Give Water a Hand.

Any form of donation can help: time, effort, and monetary. Consider becoming a member of PCS and you will receive monthly e-newsletters, special invitations to events, and information about our programs throughout the year. Or, sign up to volunteer for any of our programs including Storm Drain Marking, Get the Lead Out, CYS 365, or our annual Clean Your Streams Day. Make a financial contribution to sustain these programs and help us to continue to work towards our mission of clean, clear, and safe water. Become a Partner today for clean water and make a commitment to ensuring our resources are protected for generations to come.