MarineDebris1 PCSAs we enter a new year, we reflect on our accomplishments during 2017 and project what we want to achieve in 2018. We see many areas for growth in our programs and partnerships. We are proud of our educational outreach and hope to continue to bring awareness and change behaviors in our community. Specifically, we want to expand our Marine Debris Prevention outreach and add to our annual Water Quality Boat Cruise. The success of our programs depends on our ability to increase participation and attract volunteers. We hope to schedule many more CYS 365 cleanups this year and find sponsors for our Fishing Line Recycling Bins. This past year, we doubled our inventory of Fishing Line Recycling Bins and are hoping to find suitable locations to install them this year. As our name implies, we are Partners in the community for conservation and water quality. We are looking forward to growing our partnerships, especially with Wood County. We are also excited to again partner with Glass City Marathon to reduce waste and bring awareness to recycling efforts this Spring. As a local non-profit, we rely on grant funding and donations to support our programs. We will be seeking new grant opportunities this year and hope to increase monetary contributions from members and donors. Last, we will continue to facilitate the Maumee AOC Advisory Committee in 2018 and beyond. We are thankful for our volunteers, donors, and partners and hope to continue to grow and do more for our water resources this year.