Partners for Clean Streams plays a vital role in addressing water quality issues through the Maumee Area of Concern Advisory Committee (MAAC). PCS is the local facilitator for the MAAC and works with organizations, private citizens, governmental agencies, and planning partners to identify and recommend key projects including education, technical support, fish and wildlife improvement projects, reducing beach closings and fishing consumptions and much more. This diverse committee specifically tackles the Beneficial Use Impairments (BUIs) of the Maumee Area of Concern to recommend long-term solutions to these issues. And the official reports are called Remedial Action Plans (aka RAPs). Currently, this region has 9 out of 14 total impairments that are being addressed. Two impairments have improved enough in recent years that they have been removed. To learn more about MAAC or to participate in this committee, visit or follow them on their Facebook page/Twitter: Maumee AOC.  Sign up for the quarterly e-newsletter to stay current on issues and projects impacting the Maumee Area of Concern.