Are You Up for the Challenge?

ChallengeClean Your Streams Day just wouldn’t be as fun without a little friendly competition!  Youth and college groups are encouraged to sign up for our Youth and Collegiate Challenges while businesses and organizations and other small groups can participate in our River Partner Certification Challenge.  Youth groups can win in three ways: Most Volunteers (group with the most volunteers), Battle of the Bags (number of total bags of trash a group fills), or Awesome Effort (the average number of bags per person). Awards will be presented to first, second, and third place participants.  And don’t forget to register your group first!

Non-student organizations and corporations can also be recognized for their efforts with our River Partner certifications.  Groups with 50+ volunteers will receive our 4-star, Watershed Warrior status.  30-49 volunteers will earn the 3-star River Guardian certification.  10-29 volunteers will be recognized as 2-star Stream Protectors. 1-9 volunteers will earn the Creek Crusader certification for their group.  Awards will be announced during our Appreciation Picnic, so make sure your group stays for the free pizza and awards ceremony!