We Love Our Volunteers

2018resultsAs we near the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, we reflect on what we have been able to do for our waterways in 2018.  The results from this past year are a testament to our volunteer’s commitment to clean, clear, and safe water.  Our Get the Lead Out program, Clean Your Streams Day, and CYS 365 all had the highest volunteer turnout in recent years.  Over 1,500 volunteers came out to our annual programs this year to work for improved water quality.  We are amazed by just how many people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds, were willing to get down and dirty for cleaner waterways in our area.  With increasing media negativity about the fate of our rivers, streams, and Lake Erie, it is inspiring to see so many people that are taking positive action towards some of the serious issues facing our waterways.  

We are also proud to announce that this has been a record-breaking year for marine debris removal.  Clean Your Streams Day 22 has set the bar for total tires collected and pounds of trash removed.  In total, 35,573 pounds of marine debris were removed from the waterways of the greater Toledo area.  306 tires were also removed and recycled through our partnership with Bridgestone Tires4Ward program.  As exciting as these statistics are, it solidifies the fact that there is more work to be done!  We hope that you will continue to support PCS in 2019 as we work to support our water resources.  Thank you to all those who made a real difference for our waterways this past year!