GLO 2018Get the Lead Out (GLO) is a PCS-led program designed to help volunteers remove discarded fishing line, lead lures, and other types of trash that gets left behind after the spring fishing runs in the Maumee River. These materials can entangle fish and wildlife, injure people (think sharp fishing hooks), and detract from the natural beauty of the River. GLO is great for groups interested in getting outside and improving the health of the Maumee River at the same time! Time spent at these events can also be used to satisfy community service hour requirements. Over the course of our 2018 GLO events, 198 volunteers cleaned 3.5 river miles, removing 28.2 lbs of lead and lures and 445 lbs of trash!

Unfortunately, due to extremely high water levels this year, no GLO events have been scheduled. Because the material we seek to remove during these events is typically found wrapped in tree roots and branches and entangled in other types of shoreline debris, low water conditions are preferred during these efforts. Any events this year will depend on local water levels going down substantially. Please watch the calendar on our website and our social media outlets for future event dates.