Volunteers working to collect litter along the Maumee RiverWe are excited the share that PCS and its partners and volunteers were spotlighted on NOAA’s Marine Debris Program website and newsletter. An article titled “Litter & Lakes: Tackling Marine Debris in the Great Lakes” was published in June, and details work being done by many partners around the Great Lakes to tackle the problem of trash in our waters. Additionally, PCS authored a blog article further describing the work we have completed with support from the Marine Debris Program.

We thank our many volunteers for all of their efforts at local cleanups, as well as our many regional partners. Without this team-approach, we could never achieve these great results and we are excited to continue working as a team with each of you!  Please take a moment to read these articles and be proud of the contribution you have made toward reducing unwanted and harmful debris in our waters.