Momentum Arts Festival: Re-home a Herdling

Picture of a herdlingIf you visited Momentum Toledo before or after Clean Your Streams, you likely noticed the exhibit ‘The Herd’ by artist Kelley Bell. The intention of this exhibit was to call attention to the discrepancy that is sometimes a reality between local waterways and accessible local waterways. It is not uncommon in dense urban areas for waterways to be inaccessible to local residents; accessibility can be an issue due to physical access barriers and/or water quality safety concerns. Bell has reached out to us at Partners for Clean Streams (PCS) and has offered to sell her “herdlings” and donate $5 of each sale to PCS to help further our water quality initiatives. If you took a liking to these cute critters and are interested in purchasing one to enjoy in the pool or lake, click on this link for order details.