Youth Line Up to Help Keep Line Out (of the water)

FLB Workshop VolunteersOn February 25th,  local youth, our Board President, and our staff worked together to assemble 20 new fishing line recycling bins for the “Reel In and Recycle” program. Kids got their gloved-covered hands sticky to glue the pieces of PVC pipe together and then add the finishing touches to the bins with stickers that will let everyone know that these are not something for trash, but serve a greater purpose. Fishing line that enters these bins will be safely removed, cleaned (usually by PCS staff or our ZooTeen partners) and then delivered to Berkley Conservation Institute to be recycled into fish habitat! The bins created at this workshop will replace damaged ones from the ice NW Ohio saw last winter along with adding additional bins to the 45 that are already scattered across the Greater Toledo Area!

To find where our bins are located go to: and click on Bin Locations. While there you can also sign up to adopt, host, or sponsor- a-Bin and help us promote streams and lakes that are clean, clear and safe!