Rain Barrels for Sale!

Rain Barrel AdIf you like to garden and/or are interested in ways to help improve the health of our environment (terrestrial and aquatic), this opportunity is for you! We are pleased to announce a rain barrel pre-order/pickup opportunity later this Spring. Using rain barrels to capture rain as it runs off of building roofs and before it runs through lawns can help fertilizers stay out of nearby waterways. Reductions in fertilizer (i.e., nutrient) flow can help reduce some of the algal blooms we see in the summertime. Plus, the (free) rainwater is conveniently stored until you need to water your flowers, lawn, or vegetable garden. If you are interested in composting, you’re  also in luck, as compost bins are offered for sale as well! Using compost bins to dispose of certain types of food waste can help to reduce the amount of trash taken to landfills, while eventually providing high quality soil for your next gardening project!

The Village of Ottawa Hills and Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District have partnered to provide this opportunity to Toledo-area residents. Order can be placed through this link until May 20th. Orders will be available for pick up on May 30th, from 10am-12pm in the parking lot of Ottawa Hills Elementary School (3602 Indian Rd., Ottawa Hills OH, 43606). If anything changes with this schedule, we will post updated info on our social media channels.