Living Sustainably

We are currently living in an era of mass consumerism and single-use items but it doesn’t have to stay that way! According to the EPA in 2013, Americans, on average, produced roughly five pounds of trash per day. That is nearly a ton of trash per year per person, and that number is growing. 

The key is not just recycling, but also reducing. Being aware of what you throw away and what you purchase can make all the difference. If you’re going out to eat make sure to throw a Tupperware dish or two in your backseat and take it in with you in a reusable bag. Shop at resale stores or church rummage sales for new clothing options; I’ve found brand new name brand clothes at both (and do not forget your reusable bags to put your new-to-you items in). Buy in bulk as it uses less packaging. Learn how to make coffee at home; there are plastic or wax liners inside most coffee shop cups that look to be paper but are not recyclable. We also challenge you to challenge yourself to keep track of what you use for a month and then review how you can change your routine. Using less single-use or disposable items will leave less opportunity that those items could become marine debris. Recent cleanups have found food wrappers as one of the top items removed from our waterways. See the example tracker that you can easily make to keep track of your disposable item usage. If you discover a waste reduction strategy that works really well for you, please let us know!currents graphic