Recycling during COVID  


Recycling can sometimes feel underwhelming; simply putting a bottle or cardboard box does not feel like a huge step to help our environment and our waterways. It’s hard to remember the huge impacts recycling has. Every item that you recycle is one less in a mountain of trash, one happier fish that isn’t caught in a bottle. Here is a list of information from our partners at Keeping Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful that can make your impact so much greater: Recycler’s List 

 Bonus! more recycling/reusing tips:

  • Textiles that are unable to be donated because they look (or maybe had) like a dog chew them – Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Easter Seals still take these items and are starting to re-open
  • Envelopes with plastic windows – those are okay to put into the paper recycling
  • Plastic bags (grocery, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, wraps, and other stretchy plastics) – grocery stores will take these (except during COVID19); usually, the bins are set up at the front of the store