August was full of small groups getting the lead out of our waterways. Our local wildlife and our communities are now safer thanks to the 15 volunteers who walked along the river to remove some of the man-made threats to wildlife: lead sinkers, fishing line, and sharp hooks. Every April we see anglers gather along the banks and wading into the springtime waters of the Maumee to have a catch at catching walleye and white bass. If you have been here a while you know that this is called the walleye run. As you can imagine, with all of the anglers casting their lines in the river, there are bound to be a fishing line, lures, or hook or two left behind or left tangled in the brush.

To reduce these impacts volunteers came out to popular fishing spots to pick up the fishing lines, hooks, and lures that were left behind. From July through August we hosted 7 sessions focused mostly on Side Cut Metropark and Buttonwood- some of the most popular spots for the walleye run. One of these exciting sessions was sponsored by the Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund. All together our amazing volunteers untangled over 373.15yards of fishing line from the shorelines of the Maumee River. This effort prevents wildlife entanglement, our water health, and protects our community.