Copy of Board 1There are many ways to donate directly to support Partners for Clean Streams – on Facebook, our website, or click Donate at the top of the newsletter- but you can shop and support us too! This holiday season link your Kroger card or Amazon Smiles account to donate to PCS. Both Amazon and Kroger donate a percentage of what you purchase to us at no extra cost to you! That means your holiday shopping goes the extra mile. Your loved one receives a good meal and a great gift AND your community receives safer water. Before your next stop at Kroger for all of your holiday fixings, link your Kroger plus card to Partners for Clean Streams. You can link your Kroger Plus card here. Next time you shop on Amazon for a quick deal for the holidays, link your account with Partners for Cleans Streams and make your gift do double the good. You can link your Amazon account here.