March currents PledgeWe are all familiar with pledges, like the Pledge of Allegiance, often recited when we were kids in elementary school. A pledge is a significant promise to upkeep. But what is the significance of a pledge for better waterways? Pledging to protect our waterways can be actionable and a measurable way to ensure our waterways are being protected. These pledges give our local municipalities a rough number of how many people are doing their best to make our waterways safe and who their programs are reaching. Many of these pledges are things that you might already do, like picking up after your pet’s poo or skipping the straw at restaurants. It is great to show you are taking those steps already, by affirming it with a pledge. Check out these sources to learn more about pledges, take a pledge, and to share pledges with your friends and families!

Picking up Pet Poo

Reducing Lawn Fertilizer 

Utilizing Native Plants

Waterfowl Management (NEW!) 


Super Kids

Skipping the Straw