Microplastic filmsResearch has shown that microplastics can cause physical harm to wildlife when ingested. Microplastics can absorb other chemicals such as trace metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, and some pathogens. Initial research has also suggested that plastic additives can contribute to disruption in the endocrine system and possibly cancer. Currently, there are four types categorized by the USGS: fibers, foam, fragments, beads/pellets, and film.

Films are more common to find than you might think! Films are a type of microplastics that are from items such as plastic bags, food wrappers, and plastic packaging wrap breaking down in our water supply. You can help reduce the films in our waterways by:

  • Using reusable bags
  • Secure plastic films in trash cans- they can fly away any chance they get
  • Use reusable produce bags

or come to a clean-up with us to remove trash from our waterways before it becomes microplastics!