Clean Your Streams Day Clean Swell Refresher

DONATEWe have long partnered with the Ocean Conservancy and are featured partners on their Clean Swell App! This paperless tracker is very easy to navigate. It is similar to our data cards, but instead of tallying data on pen/paper, you simply tap the icon of trash you are picking up.

Before your clean-up:

1. Download Clean Swell from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Create a profile.

When you are ready to begin your clean-up:

  1. Open the app on-site of your cleanup so it can detect your location.
  2. Select “Start Collecting” on the home screen.
  3. Share the number of people participating.
  4. Name your group “CYS25 – YourGroupName.” You should still name your group if you are an individual or a family. Otherwise, PCS cannot credit you!
  5. As you pick up pieces of trash, tap the corresponding button on the screen.
    1. If you need to remove an item you marked by mistake, scroll down to toggle removing/adding items.
  6. Once you have finished your clean-up, select “Done Collecting” at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Review your information and on how your clean-up went. If all looks good, scroll down to select “Submit My Data!”
    1. Make sure to submit your data before you leave your clean-up site. Otherwise, the app will continue to note your location and think you cleaned up during your entire walk or drive
      back home!
  8. Clean Swell will send a thank-you email to the address you provided, and your data will now appear as part of the Ocean Conservancy’s marine debris database.

Plus, there are cute badges to earn for each clean-up that turns colorful once you have completed a clean-up. Any time you use the app in our region you will be directly contributing to the database that helps our local governments make decisions and see trash trends! 

For a video tutorial on how to use Clean Swell, click here.